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Due to the unavailability of trading data or exclusions imposed by our pricing methodology, we are unable to price ABF COMVA.

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ABF Token ABF is the proof of rights based on ERC20 and is thetoken of ABF Wallet. As the functional token of value circulation in the ABF Eco, there are many uses such as consumption circulation, community incentives, equity proof, ecological co-construction, and investment realization. Consumption circulation For the blockchain token, the most direct realization of the value of the token is its use value, the value embodied in the consumption circulation in many use scenarios. In the ABF Eco, various functions, services and interaction scenarios form the basis of ABF consumption circulation. By using ABF as a means of payment, the continuous consumption of ABF increases the circulation speed and efficiency of ABF certification, and improves the efficiency.,

Today's ABF / ABF COMVA News for July 11, 2020