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Confetti (CFTI)CFTI
Confetti (CFTI)
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Confetti is a utility token that was released by Raid Party, a play-to-earn (PTE) game based on the blockchain. The sys...Read more

Confetti Price (CFTI)

CFTI Daily Performance

As of today, the last reported CFTI price is $0.0000208. Confetti's last market cap was unknown. 24 hour CFTI volume is unknown. It has a market cap rank of unknown. Confetti is traded on exchanges. Confetti had an all-time high of $12,933 9 months ago. Over the last day, Confetti has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 4 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being .

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Confetti Statistics

Confetti Price (24hr)$0.0000208 (0.00%)
Market Cap
Trading Volume (24hr)Unknown
Transparent Vol. (24hr)
Transparency GradeUnknown
Circulating SupplyUnknown
All-Time High
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Price ChangeUnknown

All-Time High

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Days Since ATH
% of ATH0.00%
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About Confetti

Confetti is a utility token that was released by Raid Party, a play-to-earn (PTE) game based on the blockchain. The system employs typical blockchain technologies such as staking, utility tokens, and NFT rewards.

The token yielded to participants of the raid can be utilized in numerous ways. For example, one can invest tokens and gain the capability to inflict more intensive damage and thus be able to yield more NFTs. The mechanics of the game is simple at its core while its design is typical for idle games on the blockchain.

What is Raid Party

Raid Party is an idle hero clicker gamer employing the mechanism of NFT staking. The founders faced some obstacles with the implementation of the idea on the basis of Ethereum, therefore, they decided to introduce idle-game mechanics along with the game loops to overcome those obstacles. Thus, Raid Party represents a PTE game where players can spend 10 minutes or 10 hours a day depending on their wish and free time availability, and still earn cryptocurrency.

In the game, the players have to defeat monsters to progress. Tapping and clicking to deal with the damage is just one of the ways. It is also possible to employ hired units hitting monsters. According to the rules of the game, the discount for the purchases becomes higher as you progress further in the game.

How to earn on Raid Party

Players can make money within Raid Party in two main ways. They can either do this with the help of the yield gamification or with the addition of variance to yield amounts. All players should join the Raid where the action takes place in a huge dungeon with a final boss at the end of the journey. When players join the game, they enter teams going to the dungeon where they can obtain one Hero NFT and a certain number of Fighter NFTs. The contribution of all players to the damage inflicted on the boss determines the amount of CFTI tokens that are later distributed across the players. For those who want just to earn crypto, NFT sprites bring passive income acting in the dungeon while players are away.

Raid Party NFT collections

The game includes two main NFT collections: Raid Party Fighters and Raid Party Heroes. RaidParty Genesis Heroes contain 1,111 units. The Genesis NFTs feature several benefits such as lower sacrifice prices when players summon new Heroes, better enhancement benefits beginning from level 5, and static base damage of 1100. Along with cosmetic metadata such as eyes and hats, the essential metadata traits for Heroes include Base Party Limit, Party Damage Multiplier, and Enhancement level. Genesis Party Damage Multipliers differ from Standard Party Damage Multipliers. While the first ones bottom at 1.4x and top at 1.8x, the figures for standard ones are 1.2x and 1.7x, respectively. Static base damage for standard heroes equals 800.

The actions of the player determine the enhancement level they get. To improve their stats, they can spend the native token of the platform (CFTI). All traits mentioned above can be improved and provide stronger stats in this way.

As for RaidParty Fighters, they perform in a similar fashion but are zoomed out as full-body images. It is also possible to stake them to earn yield. Along with cosmetic metadata, the essential metadata traits for Fighter include enhancement level and base damage, which is 800 at the bottom and reaches 1400 at the top.

The Guild Raid dungeon is actually cloned from the Raid dungeon, but Guilds can be found in the place of Heroes. Members of a Guild have single Fighter slots that fill the Guild Raid Party.

Raid Party financial model

The players can progress in the game by means of the so-called Enhancement that implies growth of damage, thus empowering Fighters and Heroes. The price of the Enhancement for both groups is dynamic and determined by the level of the particular user. The goal of Fighter Enhancement is to raise the cap on gameplay.

Numerous functions making players sacrifice their Fighters or Heroes present, in fact, a deflationary model of the blockchain-based system that ensures the viability of the game. The reduction of supply contributes to the longevity of the NFT-game. The founders limit their collections by Maximum Active Supply to thus add value to them. At the time of writing, the Maximum Active Supplies include 22,222 Heroes and 77,777 Fighters.

For instance, to mint or summon Raid Party Fighters, one must spend 100 CFTI. It is also possible to spend the same amount and sacrifice 20 Raid Party Fighters for minting a Raid Party Hero. After the sacrifice, the fighters are removed from the Active Supply or in other words burnt.

Confetti token

CFTI is a native utility token for the platform. Players can use this token to create Guilds which costs 500 CFTI. To motivate existing players and to attract new ones, guild grants were given out if players invite their friends. This was a limited offer introduced for the development of the game that required support after the launch.

It is possible to burn CFTI and get gCFTI in return which can be used within a guild at a ratio of 50:1. Players can also earn gCFTI in the form of a passive guild income or during the Guild Raid. The guild can spend its gCFTI in three different ways, which include growth of the Guild Size, gBlessings (Guild Blessings), and gBuffs (Guild Buffs).

Raid Party team

The team working on the game is doxxed as the key members and their Twitter accounts only provide their nicknames. The official website of the platform mentions, for instance, Acme, the head engineer, who previously worked for Coinbase, Zarc, who is responsible for marketing and business development, Hasan, solidity engineer and security expert, and a few others.

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