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About COZPlus

South Korea occupies a large proportion in the global cryptocurrency market, but the circulation and consensus mechanism of tokens has always been a major concern for exchanges. Coinzest (COZP) has found a breakthrough in solving the problem from the “transaction is mining” model and is the first exchange in Korea to adopt this certificate. The appearance of COZP coins naturally attracted the attention and support of investors, and it was ranked among the top in Korea and the global rankings in less than one year. COZP use the PoT and PoS mechanisms, it is mining and airdrop. Users who adopt the PoT mechanism can obtain COZP compensation according to the fee payment ratio. Users who adopt the PoS mechanism and hold the COZP can obtain partial (70%) transaction fee compensation in the form of BTC and ETH. In order to differentiate the exchange, the platform not only limits the daily circulation of COZP, but also uses the method of distributing mining revenue by transaction contribution (transaction contribution = user daily transaction amount / exchange daily transaction amount). Most of the Korean exchanges recently launched have adopted the COZP mining and Air Drop mode, making COZP currency the most representative token in Korea. Now, COZP coins are aimed at global users, and t...he liquidity and price stability of tokens are gradually moving towards the center of the token economy. In addition to entering the overseas market, Coinzest will also launch the main network, digital banking and S-COZP (stable COZP).

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Today's COZP / COZPlus News for October 21, 2020