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Market Cap
Transp. Vol.
Transparency Grade(Good)
Circulating Supply350,000,000
Max SupplyNone
Token Summary
Market Cap
Transp. Vol.
Transparency Grade(Good)
Circulating Supply350,000,000
Max SupplyNone

Link (LINK) is a cryptoasset that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on the Ethereum platform to securely connect to external data sources, payment systems, and application program interfaces (APIs) that exist outside the blockchain.

Although smart contracts (agreements between two parties written in computer code) have tremendous potential, the underlying consensus mechanisms of blockchain technology make it so smart contracts are unable to communicate with external data systems. Some smart contracts can’t execute without off-chain information (e.g., a price fluctuation for a specific asset). To solve this issue, oracles are used.

An oracle finds and verifies real-world events and submits this data to smart contracts on the blockchain. Although oracles help, they also present another point of concern: oracles are centralized third-party sources. A user must trust that the oracle is providing accurate data. This is called the “oracle problem.”

SmartContract (a San Francisco based fintech company) launched Chainlink in June of 2017 in response to the “oracle problem.” Originally called SmartContract Oracle, Chainlink is a blockchain middleware that connects smart contracts across blockchains and allows them to access off-chain information from multiple oracles in the network.

Instead of relying on a single oracle to provide smart contracts with external data, Chainlink’s decentralized network of independent nodes can perform computations to determine the accuracy of off-chain data from several oracles before it is passed to a smart contract.

The ChainLink network uses Link, an ERC-20 token, as an incentive for Node operators to retrieve data from off-chain data feeds, structure data into readable formats on the blockchain, execute off-chain computation, and maintain uptime guarantees.

SmartContract was cofounded in 2014 by Sergey Nazarov (CEO). Before starting SmartContract, Sergey founded Secure Asset Exchange and CryptoMail.

ChainLink’s ICO was held in September of 2017 and raised $32 million USD.

Chainlink launched on Ethereum’s mainnet on May 30, 2019.

According to SmartContract, Chainlink has partnerships with Google Cloud, Oracle, and SWIFT.

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ChainLink Statistics

ChainLink is currently trading at $1.8297, which is down 1% over the last 24 hours; its market cap is $640.38M. 24 hour volume is $58.54M. It has a market cap rank of 21 with a circulating supply of 350,000,000. ChainLink is traded on 0 exchanges. ChainLink had an all-time high of $3.7662 3 months ago. Over the last 24 hours, ChainLink has had 34% transparent volume.

Price Change
-$0.017754 (-0.96%)
All-Time High$3.7662
Date of ATH7/2/2019
Days Since ATH82
% of ATH48.58%
Price vs ATH
Market Cap$640.38M
Mkt Cap Change
-$6.21M-$6,213,854 (-1.00%)
Mkt Cap Rank21
Mkt Dominance0%
Mkt Dominance
Vol. Change
-$23.69M-$23,688,198 (-29.00%)
Exchange VolumeUnknown
Transparent Volume34%
Transparent Volume (Δ)
Transparent Volume
A - 34%
C - 3%
D - 39%
? - 24%

ChainLink Information

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