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Olive (OLE)

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About Olive

Olive is the world's 1st decentralized video live platform based on blockchain technology.In order to completely decentralize the live streaming ecosystem, Olive desirably introduces three new roles (transcoding users, streaming relay users, and channel hosts promoters) for advancing the progress of decentralization. In this progress, they will share a range of 5-10% of Olive’s revenue as a reward for their contribution. Benefiting from the progress, the profit sharing ratio for a channel host may be gradually raised from traditional 50-percent to 90-percent, which make Olive the most attractive live streaming platform for channel hosts. Users can use OLE directly reward to the host and dig OLE in the process of watching live. OLE can be use in overseas entertainment, games, broadcast, video application scenarios in the future. Olive is the world's first tokenized online live broadcast ecosystem. Its value cycle includes entertainment, online and offline transactions,and data assets trading. Its token, OLE, is based on Ethereum ERC-20. Numerous use scenarios in its value recycling ecosystem have brought rich ecological value to Olive.

Today's OLE / Olive News for October 20, 2020