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VeChain Thor (VET)VET
VeChain Thor (VET)
VET Price

VeChain Thor (VET) Price Prediction for 2022

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How Nomics Uses AI and Machine Learning In Our Predictions:

To predict prices, we're using a machine learning model known as long short-term memory (LSTM). We've trained the model with information from our API's Aggregated OHLCV Candles endpoints, which provides daily prices for thousands of cryptocurrencies. Predictions are only generated in USD.

The current 30-day mean error rate for VeChain Thor is 7.45%.

All prediction data is provided for entertainment purposes only and should be taken at your own risk. Learn more

Short-Term VeChain Thor Price Prediction

Over the last 7 days, the price of VeChain Thor has changed by an unknown amount. .

Today's trading volume is the same as yesterday.

Please keep in mind that these price predictions should not be taken as trading or investment advice. Investments and trading in cryptoassets involve substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor.

VeChain Thor's Price History Used in Our Forecasts

Nomics tracks market volume for each asset across a number of exchanges, with data from unknown exchanges being used to generate our current VET price. We then apply calculations explained above to help with the predictions used on this page.

VeChain Thor one-year chart
VeChain Thor price history over the past year. Source: Nomics.com.

The VeChain Thor price today is $0.019126

The highest recorded VeChain Thor price was $0.254327 on .

Can VET Reach the Previous Highs of 2021?

VeChain began life more than seven years ago as a private consortium network. Three years later the VeChain Foundation launched the public blockchain VeChainThor as a fully programmable, EVM-compatible layer one smart contract platform.

Since then the project has grown substantially, now occupying offices in countries including the United States, Italy, France, China and Japan.

The highest recorded VeChain price was $0.254607 in April, 2021. This was on the back of quite a meteoric rise, with an 844% price increase from the first of January of the same year to reach this point.

After a steady decline the price rose again to $0.175 in November of 2021 – still well short of the previous high, but actually 629% higher than the current price (at least at the time of writing this in July of 2022).

In June of this year they described themselves as ”pioneer of many blockchain applications that have tangibly benefitted the real economy” during their announcement of a strategic alliance with Supply@ME.

In the very same month VeChain became the first ever official layer 1 blockchain partner of the UFC. Combined with now having almost 600,000 followers on Twitter, it shows how far the brand has come since those early years.

It has to be a positive sign that even during this “crypto winter”, their applications are actively being worked on. The VeChainThor wallet for iOS for example has been updated twice in 2022.

While there haven’t been any blog posts in July so far, they did update their blog five times back in June, which included celebrating their four year anniversary.

We can never say for certain where the price of a particular asset will go, but it’s usually a good sign if the original team and advisors are still on board. If you own VET, it would probably be a smart idea to at least sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date on any project developments that may help or hinder their price going forward.

VeChain Thor Price Prediction for 2025

Predicting the price of cryptoassets so far into the future is an almost impossible task. This applies to VeChain Thor and any other cryptocurrency we have predictions for.

While many people are curious about our data here, right now we don't have any predictions for 2025, though we are considering updating our predictions algorithm to make forecasts that are further out. We would love your feedback, so if such a prediction is something you would like—even just for entertainment purposes—please let us know via Twitter or email.

For now we are sticking to short-term predictions in order to increase the accuracy of where we see an asset price heading.

The further out a date, the more likely it is that our prediction is inaccurate. While it would be fun to look at price predictions for 2030 or even 2050, we think that would be taking things a little bit too far.

VeChain Thor Historical Data

(Past 7 Days)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I trade / buy VeChain Thor?

    Nomics currently tracks that VeChain Thor is available on exchanges, with the most active being .

  • What will VeChain Thor be worth in 2030?

    Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, we do not have a VeChain Thor price prediction for 2030. As mentioned further up the page we are looking to see if it's worth doing predictions as far out as 2025, but we're much more focused on shorter-term predictions for now.