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Altilly Daily Performance

Altilly is a cryptoasset exchange located in Sweden. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “A” which means “Transparent.” They are a crypto-only exchange.

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1st TradeApr '18
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1st OrderbookJun '19
Updated2 years

About Altilly

Altilly is a centralized digital asset exchange that was launched in the middle of 2018. The platform of the next generation uses advanced technologies and programming techniques not to overload the system and makes the operations faster and more secure. The exchange employs numerous layers of firewalls and internal networking for enhanced security.

The cryptocurrency venue has gained 65K users, almost 200 listed assets, and 550 trading pairs within just 2 years of its existence and still continues to grow. The main principles emphasized by the developers are transparency, security, and reliability. At the time of writing, the platform hopes to complete licensing and official incorporation in Estonia. When the process is over, the venue will enable fiat trading pairs, fiat deposits, and withdrawals.

The background of the Altilly project

The legal entity behind the platform is Hodler Enterprises that is focused on high-level financial information, and blockchain solutions. The company incorporated in Kerkrade, Netherlands, has two projects under its umbrella: Qredit launched in 2018 and Altilly that was acquired by the company in January 2019. Qredit presents an enhanced blockchain suite with a proprietary smart contracts platform that gives access to developers, companies, merchants, and individual traders to blockchain instruments. Qredit along with several other markets has become the base market for Altilly exchange. Strengthening each other, both projects deliver an enhanced experience to its customers. The platform believes in the power of the community, and this is reflected in everything it does.

Altilly platform

There are over 190 cryptocurrency assets listed on the cryptocurrency platform at the time of writing. Speed and simplicity of trading are the main priorities in the opinion of the team behind the platform. In Q3, 2020, the company launched a new version of the platform Altilly V2. However, the V1 version went on functioning to enable the transition of customers at their own pace.

The functionality was designed to make the trading venue suitable for customers of all levels as both professional traders and beginners can use the resource. The universal character of the platform is a new feature that was added to the advanced version of the platform (V2). Customers can select trading instruments based on their needs.

The improved trading interface was designed with regard to robust customers’ feedback who shared their ideas on the ideal trading platform the way they saw it. The team tested different approaches to the framework of the website and combined them to meet the requirements of their clients. As a result, users can select the layout that seems more convenient for them. The preferred layout can be chosen in the Settings menu. It’s also possible to select the theme for different tastes with Light, Purple, and Dark modes being offered to users. The changes were made also with the goal to make the platform cross-browser and available on any device, so Altilly started supporting desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. Tech-savvy users can use REST API and Websocket API endpoints, shielded by Cloudflare to have constant access to quickly changing data.

The team has added convenient chat interfaces for communication with other traders supporting English, Chinese and Russian languages. The platform also resumed trading competitions to attract more users to the venue and add vibrancy to the ecosystem. Until the platform was acquired its trading volume was very low. After the purchase, it quadrupled fast and continues to increase.

Atilly customer support

As for customer support, the list of supported languages is longer there. The members of the support team speak English, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean.

At Atilly, the customer support is available 24/7, and though the members of the team promise to answer within 24 hours, most tickets are resolved faster. There is also Altilly telegram chat and channel for communication of users.

Altilly security

The assets are stored securely in cold wallets off the network in a highly secure facility. The storage and withdrawal wallet public keys can be monitored and verified by users. KYC procedures are not required for low volume customers. All those who withdraw less than 5K USD per day belong to this group. In case the volume is higher, it’s necessary to pass KYC verification.

In the opinion of the developing team, the platforms of this kind shouldn’t collect personal information. Only minimal data should be provided to use the service. At the same time, the service of this kind should be transparent therefore the company discloses information on the storage of assets and other details that customers should know to stay calm and confident that the company performs its best to keep their funds secure.

Altilly financial details

The users of the platform can take advantage of the Altilly wallet to pay with cryptocurrencies and receive cryptocurrency payments from other users. At the time of writing, the exchange doesn’t have any limits on depositing, withdrawal, and exchange operations. However, it can take some more time to withdraw in case of large amounts. The platform doesn’t deal with fiat money. Neither credit nor debit cards are supported. All transactions performed on the exchange are crypto to crypto. The venue charges different trading fees for takers and makers. The fee is 0.12% for takers, while the Altilly’s maker fees are 0.01%. The makers can get a +0.01% bonus paid out in AltillyCoin, a utility coin of the Altilly ecosystem.

The company offers a two-tiered referral program. It means that you are not only paid for your referrals but the signups of your referrals as well. The referral bonus is 40% of the trading commission fees of tier 1 referral, while 10% is paid for tier 2 referral.

Altilly team

Nothing was known about the team before the acquisition. After the company was purchased by Qredit, it became more transparent but still, little is known about the development team. However, the website mentions that highly qualified specialists, it includes, have different backgrounds.

The CEO of Altilly Exchange is Nayiem Willems who previously launched many successful projects such as Willems Ventures focused on tourism and eco-friendly businesses. More information is available on the official website of Hodler Enterprises.

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