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BigONE Daily Performance

BigONE is a cryptoasset exchange located in Seychelles. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $270.06M. The exchange is rated “C” which means “Fair.” They are a crypto-only exchange.

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About BigONE

BigONE is a global centralized digital asset exchange registered on June 24, 2017. January 23, 2018, was its first trading day. This trading platform is registered in Singapore and has offices in Singapore, China, and Korea. There is not much information on the web about the people behind it. Only one person, Kevin Cheng, is reported to be the Chief Operating Officer at BigONE Exchange. The official website states that the core team comes from with their 5 years of cryptocurrency exchange management. Other team members and developers include blockchain experts and devotees from all over the world.

The BigONE team aims to develop the most secure and convenient cryptocurrency trading platform to provide users with the best trading experience and make the process as easy as possible. The main features the exchange proposes to its users include speedy transactions, 24/7 customer support, a significant number of crypto coins, small commissions for transactions, no fees when replenishing an account, minimum fees for withdrawing funds, and detailed market charts. The platform supports a great variety of languages such as English, Turkish, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

BigONE has a long list of supported cryptocurrency markets, and almost 200 trading pairs, though the most active one is BTC/USDT. Besides, new coins are being constantly added to the exchange. Fiat deposits can only be made through CNY.

The platform has implemented advanced technologies and multiple protection measures to provide users with fast and secure services. Thanks to the use of two-factor authentication technology, cold and hot wallets separation, applying multiple signatures, and protection against DDOS attacks, the risks have been significantly decreased. Moreover, BigONE permanently monitors the status of the wallets and digital assets, 100% of which are kept in reserve.

BigONE is a web-based platform, so it supports all devices and operating systems. The mobile support is represented by BigONE App, which can be downloaded from both App Store and Google Play and provides access to the same range of trading pairs.

BigONE VIP System

BigONE exchange has a diverse system of rewards and discounts, and one of the ways to obtain them is to participate in the VIP System. Launched on June 22, 2020, this system gives users such benefits as discounts on the daily interest rates for loans, spot trading fee discounts, increased referral bonus, and reduction on leverage interests rates.

For every action on the platform, users get Privilege Points, which are needed to raise their rating and receive more benefits. The VIP system includes five rankings, each with a specific point range. They are Bronze (0-450), Silver (450-550), Platinum (550-650), Diamond (650-750), and Challenger (above 750).

The system members can get BigONE Points in five areas: Total Trading Volume (Spot trading and Perpetual Contract Trading) in the last 30 days, Average Daily Asset (the amount of popular coins you have), Referrals (the more they trade, the more points they get), User Behavior (the frequency of logging into the site and trading), and Identity Verification (Users get all points in this category if they set up all kinds of verification). Besides, there are additional fringe benefits for VIP members, which include airdrops, souvenirs, project quota, and others.

BigONE Referral System

On May 25, 2020, BigONE’s referral system named Star Program was launched. It is supported by the advanced platform, which allows its members to track the data of users they referred to BigONE in three tabs: Referral History, Commission History, and Rebate History. It also lets every contract trading enthusiast receive a trading fee rebate and high commissions from their invitees. The Star Program is open to everyone after registration on BigONE.

BigONE Services

Services on the platform are provided depending on users’ behavioral characteristics, i.e. if they like trading or hoarding coins. BigONE provides the following 5 types of trading. One-click trade means buying and selling popular coins with fiat money. Margin trading allows traders to use funds of a third party. BigONE pledged loans aim to solve the problem of user fiat funds shortage without having to sell coins. The loans can be transferred to other wallets or exchanges. ETF trading is ideal for beginners.

The exchange has an OTC-desk that allows selling and buying crypto assets from other users. You can buy USDT, BTC, ETH, or EOS and pay via Alipay, WeChat Pay, or a bank card.

The built-in interface of TradingView provides various charts and tools to help users analyze the changes at crypto markets in real-time: a price chart, a buy and sell box, an order book, trade history, and others.

BigONE Fees

Every time users place orders, they are charged trading fees. On BigONE exchange users pay flat fees of 0.20%, meaning that they are the same for both takers and makers. For contract trading, there’s a difference. Takers have to pay 0.06% commission, while makers are charged with 0.02%. Trading fees also depend on users’ membership level. BigONE’s withdrawal fee is determined by the token type. For example, it makes 0.0005 BTC for Bitcoin withdrawing.

BigONE Token

ONE is an ERC20 token issued by the BigONE trading platform. ONE holders can enjoy different benefits on the exchange. For instance, spending and locking (or holding) ONE give you discounts on fees. BigONE offers a 100% discount by converting the transaction fees into ONE and returning them to users. The platform periodically repurchases and destroys ONE to bring back its value.

ONE connects the users to a lot of interesting services and adds some more ways to earn crypto. BigDEX is a decentralized exchange under the ONE ecosystem. The platform provides DeFi services like EOS, ETH, BTC Smart Pools, Plasm mining pool, and WorkLock pool.

Members involved in the development of ONE Ecosystem get Contribution Points as a reward for participating in BigONE events or becoming a market maker. With points, they can exchange 1 ONE and 1 point for 0.14 USDT worth of BTC. After that ONE coins are destroyed. ONE exchange pool derived from BigONE’s trading fees serves as a rewarding fund pool for contributors.

ONE holders also get the dividends from EOS ecosystem and BigDEX platform. As BigONE supports Candy Airdrop they can get extra Candy as well. AngelONE is a cryptocurrency platform under BigONE, 50% profits of which will be used to repurchase and destroy ONE.

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