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Biki Daily Performance

Biki is a cryptoasset exchange located in Singapore. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “C” which means “Fair.” They allow trading with the following fiat currencies: STD and USD.

Data Summary
Impact Score
Transparency Rating
C gradeC grade(Fair)
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Fiat Currencies2
Coverage TypeCandles
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1st 1D CandleSep '18
1st OrderbookFeb '20
Updated11 months

About Biki

Biki is a centralized digital assets exchange that was founded in Singapore in August 2018. The exchange has a vast selection of digital assets. At the time of writing, the service offers over 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs. The accent in work is primarily made upon the safety and stability of the system to provide its efficient and reliable performance.

The platform’s advantages attract numerous cryptocurrency traders. At the time of writing, the number of registered users has exceeded 2 million people and the number of daily active users has overcome 200,000. Such growth wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of Huobi that has invested in the platform along with such companies as Genesis Capital, FBG Capital, and ChainUp. The main slogan of the exchange is to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream industries.

In December 2019, the platform received strategic investments from established venture capitals such as ACF (AlphaCoin Fund) and Viking Capital. The amount of investment reportedly reached 10 million USD. The platform launched fundraising in the effort to upgrade to a better position in the blockchain ecosystem. The goal was to develop the platform together with investors in the secondary markets. BiKi attracted the interest of well-known investors after it launched its mining pool with a host of new products such as lending, leverage, BiKi Fund, and Incubator.

BIKI platform

The company managed to discover a trading edge for reducing risk and maximization of profits. A well-organized trading interface is one of the benefits of the exchange. The trading interface is very convenient and especially liked by those who need technical analysis tools for making trading decisions. The charts of TradingView presented in BiKi are known for their intuitiveness, smoothness, and cleanness. It lets traders employ sophisticated indicators in their trading activity.

AI trading was also implemented on the platform for the balance of risk and reward factors for retail investors who may need such help to take away the emotional factor from their trading decisions. It helps to bring consistent returns for the members of the community.

It’s worth saying that the charting package always continues to grow on the platform as new coins are regularly added to the list. 3x leverage is available for traders against the USDT pair. Any member of the community can participate in HODL staking by simply depositing and holding corresponding tokens in the BiKi account. The BiKi Mining Pool was created with the goal to maximize the profits of the community members. All the proceeds obtained by the platform are distributed among users.

To participate in Lock Staking, users should enter the BiKi Mining Pool webpage and click “Lock Staking” after choosing the desired project. Afterward, the assets will be locked as the PoS basic resources. The members of the community can get profits according to the schedule. The profits won’t be issued when funds are unlocked ahead of time. The platform also regularly arranges competitions among its customers who receive huge rewards holding their tokens.

The team has developed a mobile application for iOS-based and Android devices to help mobile traders monitor the situation and take timely decisions when being on the go.

BiKi fees

The withdrawal fee is charged depending upon the cryptocurrency while the fixed fee is charged for transactions. It is important to mention the tiered structure present on the platform. The fees depend upon the level of traders. There are 7 different levels that define the position of traders and their fees. The fees are flat as both takers and makers pay the same amount. The platform doesn’t have a referral or an affiliate program.

BiKi token

The platform also has its token BIKI that is used for buyback to activate the burning mechanism. The initial total amount of BIKI is a billion that is going to be reduced 10 times as a result of the burning scheme. So its supply is going to be eventually decreased to 100 million tokens.

BiKi security

The team of the company promises to complete the KYC verification within a day after all the required documents are submitted by users.

BiKi customer support

The support delivers help in English and Chinese serving customers in more than 100 countries across the world. The FAQ section of the website is rather detailed and includes comprehensive information with guidance on how to use different possibilities of the platform. The answers are provided in different languages meeting the demands of the international community.

There are more than a thousand community volunteers and over 300 incentivized community partners at present which contribute to the development of the project. In case of necessity, they act as representatives of the exchange and respond to immediate queries of users. If more serious assistance is required they connect users with professional customer service.

The platform plans to acquire over 10 thousand community partners in different parts of the globe to expand its network further. It also continues to look actively for new projects to be listed on the exchange.

BiKi team

The team of developers includes strong technical specialists who are highly qualified in blockchain operations. The former co-founder of Huobi Du Jun established the platform together with the founder of Golden Finance. Du Jun invested 5 million USD and became the CEO of BiKi.com.

In 2019, Mr. Ethan Ng was appointed Southeast Asia CEO. He is a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and organizer of Blockchain Festival Vietnam, one of the biggest and most prominent blockchain conferences organized in this country. Previously, he took the position of the Marketing Lead of one of the top global exchanges Huobi Global. It is asserted that his appointment contributed to rapid expansion plans of the exchange throughout Southeast Asia. For instance, he arranged the promotion campaign when BiKi sponsored 20,000 tokens in an airdrop at the Blockchain Innovation & Technology (BIT) event that became the milestone for the recognition of the exchange in the region.

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