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BitOffer Daily Performance

BitOffer is a cryptoasset exchange located in Hong Kong. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “C” which means “Fair.” They are a crypto-only exchange.

Data Summary
Impact Score
Transparency Rating
C gradeC grade(Fair)
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Fiat CurrenciesNone
Coverage TypeCandles
1st Trade
1st 1D CandleJun '19
1st OrderbookMar '20
Updated3 months

About BitOffer

BitOffer is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in Hong Kong in 2019. The platform endows users with the ability to trade diverse digital assets. This is a one-stop trading platform offering an extensive range of crypto coins, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, USDT, and so on.

The exchange also provides information services for its users and gives trading recommendations depending upon the level of experience and profit ranking. There is a system on the exchange that classifies users according to their trading volume.

BitOffer key targets

The company provides businesses with assistance in tokenization helping them to launch STOs (security token offerings) and establish a secure and transparent blockchain ecosystem with a high level of liquidity. Additionally, it offers a token custodian system based on smart contracts and helps to set up an on-chain clearing system for global sharing of the trading liquidity. Thus, traders get a convenient environment for fair and efficient work.

The experts of the platform consider that the company has a huge potential in the derivatives market, therefore, it tries to occupy a seat there. BitOffer offers Bitcoin Options, and Bitcoin ETF highly appreciated by many investors. The platform is trying to fill the void that exists in the current derivatives market.

BitOffer platform and products

BitOffer doesn’t offer fiat trading capabilities and offers an online digital asset trading platform for transactions with such products as digital tokens and cryptographic currency. It enables crypto-to-crypto transactions only. Convenient functionality includes all necessary tools for trading including price alerts.

The trading system of the exchange has an architecture that is similar to those of the giant exchanges such as NASDAQ. BitOffer features a powerful matching engine with an in-memory database known for fast operations as on major traditional stock and futures exchanges. The platform’s performance is high as the on-chain clearance reaches 10 k executions per second. The functionality allows customizing profit-taking and stop-loss functions.

The site is mobile-friendly and offers mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Technically-savvy consumers can also get access to the public Rest API for BitOffer that can be found on GitHub. The request rate limit (120 times per minute) should not be broken to avoid the ban.

The platform welcomes the projects that submit listing applications but evaluates the assets meticulously in order to protect investors’ interests. To meet the platform’s requirements, teams that offer assets for listing should be highly professional and deliver strong maintenance. The project should have actual technical support and practical application.

The products of the company include spot trading, ETF (exchange-traded fund), DEX (a decentralized exchange), cross-chain trading, and financial derivatives. Judging by the notices from the exchange, the options system is frequently updated. BitOffer launched BTC Options with 2 patterns for selecting: ‘Option’ and ‘Digital option’. Using the options, participants obtained the opportunity to earn profit with up to 1,000X leverages. The platform offers rather detailed tutorials with screenshots to help beginning users to start trading.

Bitcoin Options suit investors who prefer to trade futures in order to let them hedge the high risk brought by Bitcoin futures. As for Bitcoin ETF offered by the exchange, it’s a great solution for traders looking for a long-term investment.

Customer support and client-oriented policy

BitOffer accepts users without geographic limitations and even users from the US are allowed to trade on the platform. At the time of writing, users from over 100 countries use the exchange that serves their customers round-the-clock. The resource is provided with multi-lingual support as the users can apply to the customer support team in Chinese, English, Korean, or Vietnamese languages. The company always keeps track of the feedback from its consumers and tries to develop financial products on demand of investors.

Among the multiple services, provided by the platform, it’s worth saying a few words about BitOffer Institute. It pursues educational goals clarifying different questions, describing different options for investing and explaining the reasons for more profitable investing opportunities.

The marketing specialists of the company don’t only provide analyses for customers but also listen to their opinions and try to optimize the products to meet their demand. The clients can always get a high-quality piece of advice on BitOffer.

The marketing strategy of the company includes KOLs’ activities, better known as Key Opinion Leaders who are very effective in digital advertising. The influencers can connect and relate to their audience in a more authentic way. Their campaigns are more engaging because these are real people who share their thoughts and ideas on the work of the exchange. Even celebrity counterparts often are not as efficient as KOLs.

Bitoffer fees

Takers are charged 0.075% for the transaction while makers have to pay 0.025%, but users get rebates afterward. There is no fee for depositing. BitOffer’s site doesn’t specify withdrawal details. There is no information on the amount allowed for withdrawal either.

The platform has a referral program, in accordance with which BitOffer Options Partners can get 1% of the referrals’ options trading volume as commission. However, there are certain requirements for BitOffer Options partners who should fit a range of terms to get the commission.

BitOffer team

The project’s site doesn’t say anything about the founder of the platform supposedly because crypto activities are for the most part forbidden by Chinese legislation. However, the site and different sources mention that the team of the company includes highly professional experts who worked for such globally famous giants as Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, AIA, UBS, Tencent, and others.

The members of the team have enough experience to develop operating products with an international vision. Their highly developed skills in currency encryption deliver more security, stability, and efficiency of the digital assets trading service. The company exchanges experience and collaborates with research institutions and different industries throughout the globe.

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