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Catex Daily Performance

Catex is a cryptoasset exchange located in China. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “C” which means “Fair.” They are a crypto-only exchange.

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C gradeC grade(Fair)
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1st 1D CandleMar '20
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Updated18 days

About Catex

Catex is a Chinese project launched in August 2018. This is a centralized exchange platform that combines the opportunities to make crypto transactions and perform mining. It introduces an innovative approach which is called “transaction mining”.

The team states that they target global communities but according to their language interface they focus on the East Asian countries. The only European language is English, the other three languages are Japanese, Korean, and two variants of Chinese. At the same time, there are about ten Telegram channels created for users from different countries in their native languages.

The platform possesses a wide range of features to attract users with various purposes and intentions. It offers not only traditional services like trading but also a faucet and a crypto dice game. In addition, it provides its users with an IEO launchpad.

CATT token

CATT token is a native currency of this project. This is an ERC-20 utility token that was simultaneously launched with the exchange on August 13th, 2018. No information on ICO or any pre-sale is available. Originally, the total supply was 10 billion tokens but this number was reduced due to the community recommendations. The team is going to perform burning operations from time to time in accordance with the community demands.

CATT fuels the entire Catex system making it attractive for customers. It is used for voting, participation in the profit-sharing program, reduction in withdrawal fees, and participation in the Dice Game.

Peculiarities of trading

At the time of writing, there are over 200 trading pairs offered to users. No fiat currency is supported but the deposit can be made nearly in any token listed on the exchange (over 80 coins). Any cryptocurrency can be added to the platform after the community voting. A project must receive a minimum of 12,000 votes to be listed for free.

Voting system

According to the official statements of the exchange representatives, the main control over the platform is maintained by its community but not the team. That is why they call the project “the first truly community-managed exchange platform”. The voting system is the main tool for maintaining this control. If a user wants to participate in votation, he or she needs to have at least 10 CATT. 1 vote is equal to 500 CATT. The votation rounds are conducted via the project’s Telegram group or Twitter account.

Transaction mining

Transaction trading is an innovative option that is implemented on this platform only. When users trade in minable pairs (at the time of writing, these are ETH/BTC, BTC/USDT, and ETH/USDT), they receive a mining bonus in CATT that can vary from 105% to 110%. This means that traders can get their fees back in the form of the platform’s native token. There are some mining restrictions imposing limitations on daily mining.

The Dice Game

Any crypto gambler can play this game on the platform. This is a game of luck based on the last digit of the Ethereum block hash. You can buy the dice for BTC, USDT, ETH, or CATT. There are some limits on the minimum and maximum amounts of the bet which depend on the certain currency.

Catex referral programs

The platform aims to attract more active users and that is why it offers two referral programs to encourage its supporters to invite their friends and other interested parties. These are the Non-mining referral system and the Dice referral system. Both systems are one-level.

Non-mining referral system: The platform offers a trading referral bonus that equals to 50% of transaction fees spent by a person who registered at the referral link. The more a referral trades, the more a referrer is rewarded. A trading referral bonus is not rewarded for mining coins.

Dice referral system: The system stimulates users to attract new players to the dice game by offering them a 5% referral bonus. It doesn’t matter if a referral wins or loses, referrers will always receive their bonus.

The Faucet

Catex gives its users an opportunity to collect free premium cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. Reward time intervals, limits, and amounts depend on a certain coin you want to collect. The faucet program is available to any registered user.

Staking programs

Staking caters to those whose purpose is to find a source of passive income. Some tokens can be deposited for a specified period of time to receive interest. The current list of such tokens can be found in the Staking section. The interest paid out on the deposit depends on a selected token and a deposit period and varies from 1% per year to more than 1,000%.


You can contact Catex support in different ways. If you experience some problems, you can enter a Ticket section and create a ticket where you need to describe the problem. You will receive an answer within 24 hours via your contact email. If you need an urgent answer, ask your question in the Telegram group. In this case, the project managers promise an immediate answer.


At the time of writing, there is no information that Catex exchange has ever been hacked. The platform team regularly reports security upgrades. The project management reserves the right to block or remove accounts if the suspicious асtіvіtу is noticed.

Catex team

Cameron Kallhoff is the COO. He is also a co-owner of Crypto Jade, a cryptocurrency company. Prior to these positions, he was the CEO at Apex SEO Agency. He lives in the USA and he is an economic analyst and SEO expert.

Aykut Aygun is the CMO of the project. He lives in Turkey and has 11 years of experience in the banking business and credit union activities. Prior to Catex, he worked as a Branch Manager at Halkbank.

Yuanhang Zhou is the CEO. He is a technical expert with deep experience in Internet companies.

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