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CoinMetro Daily Performance

CoinMetro is a cryptoasset exchange located in Estonia. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “C” which means “Fair.” They allow trading with the following fiat currencies: AUD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Data Summary
Impact Score
Transparency Rating
C gradeC grade(Fair)
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Fiat Currencies4
Coverage TypeCandles
1st Trade—
1st 1D CandleSep '17
1st OrderbookFeb '20
Updated19 days

About CoinMetro

Coinmetro is a financial tokenized exchange ecosystem launched in August 2017 by Kevin Murcko. The company is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The core of the platform is its robust engine and a powerful matching system. In many aspects, the exchange is based on the technical developments of its sister company FXPIG. The company also develops crypto-related tools for cryptocurrency traders. The mission of the company to connect the existing institutions and the digital asset ecosystem creating the bridge between them.

The company actively works with regulators in different jurisdictions to improve the regulatory framework of the industry. The help of such financial organizations is very useful since its members understand all complexities and problems that users face in the blockchain industry.

The goal of the enterprise is to redefine the trading industry at the age of the blockchain. Understanding the necessity to find ways to the broader economy, CoinMetro uses the foundation of an established presence in the fintech sphere for seamless integration of traditional brokerage services with trusted blockchain platforms.

Coinmentro user experience

CoinMetro tries to fit the needs of all consumers regardless of their level. The beginners and experienced traders discover that the exchange meets their requirements perfectly. This is achieved by differentiation into three areas depending upon the information required by consumers.

The novices can enjoy a simple dashboard (SIMPLEX) that alleviates the process of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. It’s possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in three easy steps: a user chooses the currency to buy, then the currency for payment, and finally confirms the transaction. The UI is incredibly simple and clear.

As for intermediate traders, the platform delivers more details for trading employing a more informative interface. The intermediate platform (EXpress) looks slick and includes all necessary information for fast and efficient trading. The execution of orders is performed in a couple of clicks.

Those who trade professionally can take advantage of more detailed charts and other analytic tools that can be found on the Pro trader dashboard. The platform also offers a margin trading feature that can help to get larger gains.

Coinmentro customer support

CoinMetro provides round-the-clock support that is delivered to consumers in 4 languages: English, Russian, Spanish and French. Numerous users assert that they get a response within 5 minutes after a request is submitted.

The platform positions itself as the number one provider capable of delivering outstanding customer experience. The platform also plans to introduce a friendly on-brand AI bot to help customers with troubleshooting and quick reference guides.

Coinmentro security

Much attention is paid to safety that is achieved by email verification and 2-factor-authentication along with captcha protection. It’s necessary to pass the KYC procedure for CoinMetro customers. Personal verification doesn’t create problems for applicants.

Additionally, the company employs such security features as biometric authorization via Voiceit. Voice biometrics mechanisms are more secure in their opinion than fingerprint, facial recognition, or IRIS recognition systems.

Cryptocurrency deposits are stored on cold storage wallets. The platform handles crypto deposits generating temporary “receive wallet” addresses. As for the sensitive information, it is stored on a private NEM blockchain that guarantees data immutability. The platform REST API is developed using NodeJS, TypeScript, and Express.

Many security features and stringent protocols were borrowed from FXPIG as they proved to be pretty reliable. This was, probably, the right decision as at the time of writing the platform hasn’t had any security incidents so far. The exchange has never been hacked and clients’ funds have never been lost.

Coinmetro fees

CoinMetro can be a good option for those who want to save on trading fees. It charges takers 0.10%. The makers are paid to trade on the platform. They get 50% of the taker fee, so the bonus for the transaction is 0.05%.

As for the withdrawal procedure, the fee for withdrawal is 0.15%. The percentage-based withdrawal fee can be convenient for those who withdraw small amounts. However, it can be too high for traders who withdraw big sums.

There are different deposit methods that should be explored attentively as the deposit fee varies depending upon the method and even a place where your bank card is issued. The users with a bank card issued in the EU have to pay the deposit fee 2.99%, while the users outside the European Union pay 4.99%. It can be preferable to select SEPA-wire transfer as it costs only 1 EUR. There are fees for deposits in fiat money while those who deposit cryptocurrency don’t have to pay for it.

Coinmentro token XCM

Coinmetro launched its own token XCM. The pre-sale started on December 21st, 2017. The total supply equals 500,000,000 COIN while the tokens are distributed in the following way: 50% was allocated for the token sale, 20% - to provide liquidity, 10% was given to the team and shareholders, 10% to the public presale, 7.5% was provided for community rewards and 2,5% for advisor compensation.

Coinmentro team and partners

Kevin Murcko, CEO, contributed much to FXPIG brand first, which is a Forex broker. Having created the company based on his vision, Kevin was aiming to bring transparency to this market. He was one of those who launched the growing trend of client-centric services that are concentrated more on clients’ profitability instead of their losses. A similar attitude was brought to CoinMetro. The platform tries to implement the Tokenized Asset Management concept. In accordance with this concept, professional asset managers will be able to sell tokens to investors, while clients will be able to work with a chosen manager.

The key figures of the team have experience either in the financial sector or in related fields. For instance, Sylvain Legay, CFO, with a background in corporate finance and large experience in FXPIG.

At the time of writing, FXPIG remains the strategic partner of CoinMetro. Also, the company partners with BitGo that offers convenient multi-signature technology incorporated by CoinMetro.

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