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Delta Exchange

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Delta Exchange Daily Performance

Delta Exchange is a cryptoasset exchange located in Singapore. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “A+” which means “Excellent.” They allow trading with the following fiat currencies: USD.

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A+ gradeA+ grade(Excellent)
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1st TradeMar '19
1st 1D CandleMar '19
1st OrderbookNov '19
Updated6 months

About Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency platform that was created for derivatives trading. The popularity of the exchange has increased with the growing demand for derivative platforms where users can trade short and long positions. The platform enables futures trading with up to 100x leverage.

The exchange that was registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines started its work in 2017. The team of developers includes highly professional specialists in finance and technology who have previously worked with Wall Street companies such as UBS, Citigroup, etc. Their prior entrepreneurial ventures attracted investments from Softbank and Sequoia, so it’s not surprising that the current project has received powerful support from business giants. It helped the platform to develop rapidly and feel strong on the market.

The key targets of Delta Exchange

The company is trying to become a leading platform in the derivatives market. The founders of the exchange are sure in the necessity to develop this segment of global financial markets to make the cryptocurrency market less volatile, to increase liquidity, and reduce the number of manipulations.

Delta exchange team considers the platform as a risk management tool for traders and miners. Derivatives provide different kinds of risk protection and allow using innovative trading strategies thus improving the stability of the financial system.

The goal of the company is to serve traders all over the globe. For this reason, the decision was made not to deal with fiat money and avoid problems that occur with fiat assets in different jurisdictions. Therefore, all derivative contracts will always be settled in cryptocurrencies.

Delta Exchange platform

The in-house team has developed a trade matching engine from scratch with the potential of further scaling. The trade matching engine is supported by a reliable risk engine, a high level of security, and a strong API.

The platform offers a trading terminal for newbies who can learn to use the functionality of the exchange without losses. The company provides a comprehensive guide on how to start Bitcoin Futures Trading with the explanation of financial notions and some examples of trading algorithms. When the platform was launched it announced its plans to expand the list of offered services in the future. In addition to futures contracts, the company wanted to add options and perpetual contracts as well. The exchange gradually fulfills its promises.

In February 2019, Delta launched stablecoin-settled crypto futures. The traders can convert BTC to USDC on the platform. It’s possible to make perpetual swaps live on the exchange. In April 2019, Delta added perpetual swaps with 20x leverage on several altcoins including BCH, LTC, NEO, BAT, BSV. In March 2020, it introduced the Move Options feature to its users. This product enables speculation on the size of BTC/ETH movements and not on the direction of the movement. The traders expecting short movement should go short MOVE and they have the opportunity to select between the daily move and weekly move alternatives.

The company plans to attain its goals with a customer-oriented approach and the best possible trading experience. The team of the exchange works a lot over the cutting-edge functionality making the work of traders convenient. There is built-in leverage in all futures contracts on the Delta platform. Leverage can vary from one contract to another. At the time of writing, the maximum leverage reaches 100x.

Auto deleveraging (ADL) is activated at the point when the liquidation engine can’t close a position without breaching the bankruptcy price of a corresponding position. When this feature is triggered, the position is closed in accordance with leverage and profit priorities. Those who don’t want liquidation should have a higher remaining margin (including initial margin and unrealized loss) than the maintenance margin.

Delta exchange fees and promotion

Only BTC deposits and withdrawals are available on the exchange. The deposits are free, while the fee for withdrawals is not significant. It’s not allowed to withdraw more than 2 BTC a day, while the minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. The fees are low and transparent. The company offers luring rebates and volume-based discounts. For traditional BTC futures, the maker fees are 0.025% and the taker fees are 0.075%. The fees vary considerably from one contract to another.

The company offers a profitable referral program that provides the highest reward for the attraction of users in the industry. The affiliate program is worth considering as users can earn 25% of the trading fees for a year and then 10% for a lifetime.

In 2019, the company offered a deposit bonus to traders so that they could try out their new USDC Quanto features. It gave all traders up to 0.01 BTC bonus on their first deposit.

Customer support and security

The website has a detailed FAQ with the guidance on trading futures. Those who still face technical problems can apply to the customer support that works 24/7. It can be reached via email only.

The powerful security features embedded in Delta Exchange are impressive. Delta Exchange is able to ensure safety in its custody as it offers enterprise-grade security and storage for cryptocurrencies in multi-sig wallets. To make the platform more secure, withdrawals can be processed only once a day.

Delta Team

The founding team includes three graduates of IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) who worked with bulge-bracket investment banks and have launched and scaled venture founded tech startups.

The CEO of the company is Pankaj Balani who previously worked at UBS where he specialized in derivatives trading. He also worked in such spheres as quantitative finance, Asian equity markets, and helped to develop e-commerce businesses that continued to raise Series С round of financing.

Jitender Tokas, CBO, has experience of working in Citigroup (India) and GIC (Singapore). His experience as an institutional investor and equity research analyst, helping Indian companies raise money from public markets, is invaluable for the development of Delta Exchange.

Also, the team of advisors is very strong. The team includes, for instance, the advisor Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, a mentor of Stellar Lumen, and Stani Kulechov, a serial entrepreneur, the founder, and CEO of Aave and ETHLend.

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