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New Capital Yearly Performance

New Capital is a cryptoasset exchange located in Lithuania. Their volume over the last 12 months is $2.84M. The exchange is rated “A+” which means “Excellent.” They are a crypto-only exchange.

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About New Capital

New Capital is an online digital asset trading exchange for cryptographic currencies. The platform provides crypto-to-crypto services and doesn’t deliver fiat trading capabilities. The company offers the functions of an exchange that enables the execution of trade and placement and buy/sell orders for customers. The team considers that trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets is not seamless when some third party is involved in transactions, therefore it should be entirely decentralized.

The company behind the project of The New Capital Exchange is New Capital LT, UAB located in Lithuania with an office registered in Vilnius. According to the law of the country, there is no necessity for a license issued by the Bank of Lithuania or any other supervisory authority to operate.

New Capital goals

The mission of New Capital is to facilitate direct transactions between users without attracting intermediaries. Only in this way a transparent, secure, and efficient marketplace can be received. The team tries to develop a peer-to-peer marketplace that is suitable not only for cryptocurrency exchanges but for trading all kinds of digital assets, including tokenized art, Internet domain names, and phone numbers.

The company also presents itself as an incubator designed to support transformative infrastructure projects that rely on blockchain technology and the masternode ecosystem. The goal of the company is to advance the mass adoption and practical use of digital assets. Therefore, the platform chooses the projects to support in accordance with this goal. For instance, the first three projects of the company aimed to solve a range of acute problems beginning from securing wallets on mobile devices to supporting p2p exchanges. The company has arranged the work of decentralized network nodes for them, delivering the essential infrastructure for security and independence of the projects.

New Capital platform

New Capital is committed to the promotion of the Internet of Value and enhancement of the user experience in such issues as the safety and security of digital assets. When the community exchange was established in 2019, it was only the beginning on the way to a truly decentralized exchange providing an independent p2p platform for the exchange of value. Therefore, DEX platform was created.

This is a decentralized cross-chain p2p exchange platform with TWINS cryptocurrency and a network of masternodes. It was launched in January 2019. The project was created to make direct wallet-to-wallet transactions of digital assets easier. TWINS is a utility cryptocurrency of the platform.

The company considers that it’s logical to provide the opportunity for users to send cryptocurrencies from the community exchange to staking pools and masternode hosting providers, therefore, at the time of writing the work is conducted in this direction. The fact that it’s possible to involve automatic configuration for this goal is one of the huge benefits of the system. In this way, the masternodes are activated and managed with a push of a button.

Users of the community get a wide selection of listed service providers, and the company presents a set of APIs at their disposal for integration by masternode hosting service providers. In the opinion of the exchange co-founders, the masternode ecosystem will play an important role in the future of dApps. A co-founder of New Capital Edwin Terek is sure that the mechanics of financial incentives in the community stimulate activity and enthusiasm, making its participants grow and provide efficient resources to empower the work of decentralized blockchain networks.

The company has designed the platform with architecture with unlimited possibilities for the facilitation of peer-to-peer lending or direct betting between users.

New Capital Security

FIX ID service offered by Fix Network is a new FIX ID authentication protocol that is a mandatory protocol for all service providers of the marketplace and guarantees the security of the services and identity of the participants. FIX Network is employing the cellular infrastructure to define and implement an advanced security protocol based on blockchain. The architecture offered by the company gives mobile operators the possibility to deliver a safe environment letting users protect their identities and digital assets.

The safety is also maintained by the industry-standard protections including two-factor authentication and other authentication procedures. The platform meets all legal obligations including KYC and AML regulations.

New Capital financial model and fees

The autonomous character and independence of supported projects should be free from any influence from the outside. All development works and maintenance of the project are conducted with the help of a self-sustainable financial model and entirely funded through it. It becomes possible due to the masternode reward structure that allocates 10% of the block rewards to the fund used for development. New Capital reimburses the service providers offering different options to pay for masternode hosting services.

The trading fees are 0.25% for makers and takers but can be reduced to 0.1% for users with positive TWINS balance. For holders of TWINS, the fee is 2 TWINS per order. Withdrawal fees vary depending upon the status of the account - the fees are lower for verified accounts.

New Capital team

Edwin Terek is a co-founder and an Executive Advisor at New Capital. He was also a co-founder and CMO in Fix Network. Edwin Terek has extensive experience he can use in the current project. In 2000 he founded IP Technologies and was the CEO of the company after his experience in ISYS Israeli startup that aimed to computerize hospitals, where he worked as a Senior IT Specialist. In 2004, he founded DIDWW in Ireland where he worked for 16 years.

The other co-founder of New Capital is Alex Rožanski who is an entrepreneur and business developer in different business areas. Alex was COO and co-founder of the FIX network and founder of UniQue Software, where he has been taking the position of CEO since 2016. He is a graduate of Vilnius University where he studied international business, management, and business administration. He also has a Master’s Degree in Economics after he studied it at Mycolas Romeris University.

The company cooperates with many blockchain companies and supports the NEM project. The first participants of the marketplace are Trittium (trttNodes),, and Crypos.

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