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The Rock Trading

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The Rock Trading Daily Performance

The Rock Trading is a cryptoasset exchange located in Italy. Their volume over the last 24 hours is $0. The exchange is rated “A” which means “Transparent.” They allow trading with the following fiat currencies: EUR and GBP.

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Transparency Rating
A gradeA grade(Transparent)
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Fiat Currencies2
Coverage TypeTrades
1st TradeNov '11
1st 1D CandleNov '11
1st OrderbookApr '20
Updated1 month

About The Rock Trading

The Rock Trading (TRT) is the first European cryptocurrency exchange that was established in Italy in June 2011. Actually, the company appeared in 2007 but it was a virtual insurance company at that time called The Rock Insurance co. But in 2011 the enterprise refocused its activities. Two years after its launch, the exchange changed its location to Malta and became a licensed cryptocurrency exchange.

One of the main advantages of the company is that the conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa is conducted in an environment fully compliant with the European directives and regulations. Also, a payment processor Tinklit owned by the exchange contributes to better work of the system.

The main goal of TRT is to create a trustworthy trading hub and fiat-to-crypto gateway for European customers. The exchange constantly tries to improve user experience and introduce new features in the process of development. Many of them are focused on traders, for example, market, limit, conditional offers, and dark pools. TRT was one of the first platforms that started supporting GreenAddress’ instant deposits and withdrawals.

The Rock Trading platform

The suite of traders-focused tools makes the work on the platform easy and convenient. The Rock Trading supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Peercoin, Zcash, and XRP. Users can select between the English and the Italian version of the website as the service targets mainly European consumers.

Migration to faster and smoother infrastructure took place in November 2018. The team of developers pursued the goal to make the resource simple and user-friendly. Conducting work over its infrastructure, the platform can handle load much better without software improvements. Improvement of response time, which is 120ms average at the time of writing, contributes to more liquidity, spread, and volume.

The company provided a detailed FAQ where it explains the basic things to its users. The FAQ includes the most comprehensive collection of questions received by the support over the years and their answers. It is recommended to explore the FAQ section before submitting a request to the support. Dedicated customer support works fast and efficiently, clarifying all questions and doubts that arise.

The Rock Trading products The platform offers the service of fiat-to-crypto trading so it can be a suitable resource for those who just enter the sphere of trading. It is recommended to use the Fastlane service for novices, which is the quickest and most effortless way to acquire cryptocurrencies.

A fast trading mode “Fastlane” is able to implement automatic orders thus allowing users to schedule a series of purchases of certain cryptocurrencies with established frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, for instance. The founders of the exchange consider that it’s a suitable functionality to create accumulation plans. Fastline also provides the opportunity of operating the trading pairs that are not available in the market, such as SEED/EUR.

A tailor-made OTC service was developed for users trading more than 100,000 euros or equivalent to give institutional traders the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies safely, privately, and quickly. The procedure includes three easy steps: a trader sends an inquiry, receives a quote, and then immediate trade settlement follows. The exchange has a European network of professional operators at its disposal that ensure liquidity protecting consumers against sudden market movements. The platform also offers margin trading with leverage 1:5.

TRT team has a mobile application for those who trade on the go. At the time of writing, the mobile app is available only for owners of Android-based mobile devices. There is no version for customers with iOS devices. Thanks to full-featured functionality the mobile users can trade with the same security and efficiency as the members of the community who use the desktop version.

The Rock Trading fees

The exchange charges flat trading fees, so the traders and makers pay the same amount equal to 0.20%, while the withdrawal fee is 0.0001 BTC. The fee for the Fastline service has been decreased an equals to 1.39% at the time of writing.

The platform doesn’t charge deposit fees. Besides, there is an opportunity to make deposits via bank transfers. Since August 2019 it’s possible to use credit cards for deposits. If a cryptocurrency deposit is performed, no fee is charged.

The Rock Trading offers discounted fees for active traders. The percentage depends upon the volume traded beginning from 10% for 150 euros of trading fees for the last 30 days to 90% in case the volume of fees reaches 5,000 euros. It refers to limit orders with base currency EUR. The data concerning the limit orders with base currency BTC can be found in the discount levels table available on the site.

The Rock Trading security

The company uses two-factor authentication for better security. The security measures should be activated by users on their accounts. The service also offers to use the withdrawal PIN for the security of funds on your account. The user is asked to enter a PIN every time when a withdrawal request is initiated. It was made intentionally short (4-6 digits) to make users remember it instead of writing it at some place that is not secure. There is also a trading PIN to protect the trading activity of users.

One can set a PIN code only once, so it’s impossible to modify, view, or retrieve it. The support won’t be able to help you as well if you lose it because they don’t have access to this data.

The customers must pass verification according to AML and Anti-Terrorism policies. The procedure of verification was alleviated thanks to the partnership of the exchange with Jumio, the service that delivers automated identity verification.

The Rock Trading team

The founders of the platform are two Italian entrepreneurs Andrea Medri and Davide Barbieri who are famous in the Bitcoin community. They met in 2007 playing the role game of Second life and launched the company together. Now they take the positions of CFO and CTO in TRT.

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