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Best-in-Crypto Product Rankings

Algorithmically-driven rankings and reviews of top crypto wallets, credit lines, podcasts & more
Cryptocurrency Wallets

Top 75 Cryptocurrency Wallets

Whether you're an active cryptocurrency trader or a long-term HODLer, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. A crypto wallet stores the public and private keys that enable you to spend, receive, stake, and monitor your cryptoassets. There are several types of cryptocurrency wallets. Web-based, mobile, and desktop wallets are easy to configure and work well for beginners or those with few cryptoassets. For investors who value security over convenience, offline or cold storage may make more sense. Common offline options include hardware wallets and paper wallets.

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Top 28 Cryptocurrency Podcasts

In the cryptocurrency space, the important conversations happen on Twitter and in long-form podcasts. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of cryptoasset trading, tech, regs, or anything crypto, tune in to a podcast. Every day, cryptocurrency podcasts offer in-depth, unfiltered content from the makers and institutions bringing crypto to the masses. While some shows cater to Bitcoin maximalists, others dive deep into legal concepts or tech-related topics like gadgets and Github repos. Whether you’re a noob or a crypto project founder, there's a cryptocurrency podcast for you.

Cryptocurrency Credit Lines

Top 37 Cryptocurrency Credit Lines

Cryptocurrency credit lines enable HODLers to unlock liquidity in their Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptoassets without having to sell. This means that crypto credit line customers can profit from future price rises. They also save on capital gains tax. Terms and eligible cryptoassets will differ among crypto credit line providers, but the process is usually the same. A customer places their crypto into escrow or an account managed by smart contract. The provider then opens a credit line in that customer's local fiat currency. Depending on the provider, a cryptocurrency credit line can even increase in size if market conditions cooperate.

Cryptocurrency Debit and Credit Cards

Top 21 Cryptocurrency Debit and Credit Cards

The end-goal of the cryptocurrency industry is mainstream adoption. To do that, the niche needs to expand in different verticals. First, it should start supporting the traditional financial tools that we know and use in our everyday lives, and then offer new instruments, tools, and technologies that introduce major improvements in terms of transaction speed, cost-efficiency, and security. Crypto credit and debit cards appear to be a natural bridge between the current and the new realities in our financial system. They allow their holders to exchange digital assets for fiat currency and pay for goods and services at the touch of a button. Check our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the top crypto debit and credit cards and find out the perfect solution for your needs.

Cryptocurrency Tax Services

Top 14 Cryptocurrency Tax Services

Taxation is one of the most complex and confusing topics in the world of cryptocurrencies. Are crypto capital gains taxable? How can crypto loans help reduce taxes? Do I have to pay taxes on interest returns? How and when should I report the taxable events? These and many more questions often bother cryptocurrency investors. Considering how young the industry is, as well as the financial and regulatory characteristics of different legislations, it is understandable why crypto taxes are such a complicated topic. Our Crypto Tax Services Buyer's Guide helps you find the most reputable tax service providers to help answer every question and sort out your tax reports.

Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions

Top 21 Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions

Cryptocurrency custody solutions are independent security and storage systems tasked with safeguarding cryptocurrency assets. Their services are focused mainly at institutional investors, known for holding large amounts of cryptocurrencies. Crypto custodians usually employ a combination of hot and cold storage solutions. Although the niche is still in its infancy, the competition is already growing. There are several established solution providers that hold the majority of the market share, as well as new players that are just entering the niche and leading financial companies expanding their business in the field. Our buyer's guide will help you navigate through the best cryptocurrency custody solutions on the market and keep you informed about their position in the ranking in real-time.

Cryptocurrency Interest-Earning Accounts

Top 14 Cryptocurrency Interest-Earning Accounts

In recent years, cryptocurrency interest-earning accounts are enjoying growing interest from crypto investors. The chance to take advantage of your digital assets and ensure a steady passive income stream without selling them appeals to a variety of market participants. From HODLers, through crypto miners, to companies and corporate investors - today everyone is enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency interest-earning accounts. Our buyer's guide ranks the leading service providers to help you find the best choice for your cryptocurrency deposits. Find out which are the most reputable crypto interest-earning account providers and get familiar with their offerings in our ranking list below.

Cryptocurrency News Sites

Top 69 Cryptocurrency News Sites

The cryptocurrency world is no stranger to controversies. Exchange hacks, scam projects, Ponzi schemes, security breaches, fake news - over time, a variety of similar events have put their stamp on the industry and contributed to investors' sense of insecurity. The crypto world had to come a long way to clean its name and lay the foundation of a stable and bright future. It couldn't manage to do so without the help of credible news service providers. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of industry experts, news sites, project owners, and companies, today, the crypto industry is making massive steps towards mainstream adoption. Let's take a look at the crypto news sites that have contributed to shaping the face of credible reporting in the industry.

Cryptocurrency Events

Top 72 Cryptocurrency Events

Over time, as the cryptocurrency industry started growing, industry insiders and believers like investors, developers, and project owners felt the need to get more connected. The necessity for building a community and finding a way to interact with each other more directly was also considered a great step in the process of easing cryptocurrencies' mainstream adoption. Cryptocurrency and blockchain events started being organized in various regions of the world and turned out to play a major role in bringing the industry closer to the masses. Today, the leading crypto conferences, seminars, and events are proving to be main sources of information and breaking news and often have a market-moving effect. Investors, regulators, ICO/STO owners, exchange operators, and crypto service providers of all sorts capitalize on the popularity of crypto industry events to announce breaking news and reach out to the community. If you are interested in learning which are the most popular crypto industry events, make sure to get familiar with our in-depth buyer's guide and find out the top conferences in the calendar.

Cryptocurrency OTC Desks

Top 34 Cryptocurrency OTC Desks

The procedure for buying cryptocurrencies from an exchange is quite straightforward. However, these markets often have limits like how much you can actually buy so that you don't disrupt the market equilibrium, charge higher transaction costs, have limited supply or other issues. That is why, investors with more capital, also known as "whales" struggle executing large-volume orders on traditional centralized or decentralized market venues. Those willing to trade bigger amounts have to look at OTC (over-the-counter) trading desks. These services are often provided by leading exchanges, trading venues, or niche-specific service providers. Crypto OTC desks are places where high-caliber investors gather to place large-volume orders without disrupting the price on traditional exchanges, cut on transaction costs, and get the best prices. Our buyer's guide will help you find out the best cryptocurrency OTC trading desks and keep you informed about their position in our ranking in real-time.

Cryptocurrency VC Funds

Top 49 Cryptocurrency VC Funds

With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, the horizon of new opportunities has expanded significantly. This has created a two-way market. On the one side are the crypto entrepreneurs trying to solve existing problems in the niche or satisfy a particular market need. On the other side are the VC funds seeking to profit from backing high-potential ideas in their early or later stages. In the last couple of years, the crypto venture capital financing niche has achieved notable growth. However, VC isn't just a form of financial backing. It can also come in the form of technical or managerial know-how, networking opportunities and more. In our real-time ranking list, we will find out which are the leading crypto VC funds that have helped the industry's top ventures achieve success.

Cryptocurrency Mining Pools

Top 23 Cryptocurrency Mining Pools

A few years back, when they first emerged, mining activities took the cryptocurrency world by storm. They attracted significant interest due to being an affordable, easy, and quick way to profit from the digital assets industry. Back then, anyone was able to mine with his personal computer or entry-level hardware configuration. The increase in mining difficulties, however, led to the consolidation of the industry. Today, almost all mining activities take place in pools where thousands of miners join forces to increase their chances of earning rewards. Take a look at our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the most popular and successful mining companies and pools.

Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Providers

Top 13 Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Providers

The early days of cryptocurrency mining resembled the California Gold Rush. Anyone with a personal computer was able to start mining coins and get rewarded. Over time, as mining became more difficult, miners had to switch from CPUs to GPUs which were 50 to 100 times more efficient. However, due to the fast-paced development of the crypto ecosystem, GPUs also had to be replaced with custom mining equipment based on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). Soon after, FPGAs also became obsolete and had to be replaced by the dominant mining hardware that we use today - application-specific integrated circuit or ASIC chips. In our real-time buyer's guide, you will find out more about the top crypto mining hardware providers and where they stand in our rankings.

Cryptocurrency Index Funds

Top 12 Cryptocurrency Index Funds

Index funds are preferred investment vehicles as they help investors avoid the uneasy task of actively picking, tracking, and managing a portfolio of instruments. With the growth in the number of cryptocurrencies, it was inevitable that index funds would soon penetrate the digital assets industry. Today, cryptocurrency index funds are becoming the new buzz in the financial world. Crypto index funds offer a selection of professionally-picked baskets of coins that help investors avoid the hassle of choosing portfolio constituents on their own while at the same time ensuring better Sharpe ratios. Take a look at our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the leading cryptocurrency index funds and where they stand in our rankings.

Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

Top 38 Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

The growth in the number of cryptocurrencies set the foundation for the rise of professional investment management firms. The goal of crypto hedge funds is to serve investors who are looking beyond the traditional Bitcoin investment. Cryptocurrency hedge funds practice active management where fund managers curate the portfolio and make capital allocations according to a trading style. Some funds are more aggressive, while others are more conservative. Investing through crypto hedge funds is done by investors who don't have the time or the skills to invest on their own. If you want to explore the world of cryptocurrency hedge funds, check out our real-time buyer's guide and find out which are the top digital asset investment firms.

Cryptocurrency KYC/AML Service Providers

Top 24 Cryptocurrency KYC/AML Service Providers

From banks and financial institutions to blockchain companies, crypto exchanges, and asset managers - today every business that deals with the process of opening and maintaining clients' accounts has to comply with KYC/AML policies. Thanks to this, the threat of fraud and malicious financial activities has been significantly mitigated. In the context of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, KYC/AML services have become a mandatory requirement for a business that wants to establish itself as a reliable, secure, and transparent service provider. In our buyer's guide, you will find out which are the leading KYC/AML service providers, what is their reputation, and where they stand in our real-time ranking list.

Blockchain Surveillance Companies

Top 13 Blockchain Surveillance Companies

Aside from all the positives, the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries also created room for shady practices, money laundering risks, illegal transactions, and more. Cryptocurrency businesses like exchanges and funds often partner with blockchain surveillance and analysis companies to track and trace the origin of funds and transactions. Blockchain analysis firms were born out of the necessity to instill greater trust and transparency in the crypto world, thus helping it realize its full potential. Companies from the field develop powerful compliance, investigation, and monitoring tools, while also providing consultation services regarding blockchain security and operational integrity. Check out our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the top blockchain surveillance firms.

Cryptocurrency On-Chain Data Providers

Top 8 Cryptocurrency On-Chain Data Providers

Ever since Bitcoin was created, on-chain data has been the norm in the cryptocurrency world. It has become the foundation of the blockchain ecosystem as it collects and unfolds all transactional activity, thus guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of the network. On-chain transaction data is an essential part of the development of the blockchain ecosystem as it allows for informative research and actionable insights. On-chain data providers offer market intelligence platforms and on-chain metrics to help institutions, organizations, long-term investors, and crypto traders find meaningful indicators, signals, information about adoption rates, valuations, and more. In our real-time buyer's guide, you will find a ranking list for the best cryptocurrency on-chain data providers.

Cryptocurrency Meta Exchanges

Top 9 Cryptocurrency Meta Exchanges

Today, there are hundreds of active cryptocurrency exchanges. Individual investors and traders often struggle to determine which service provider best fits their needs in terms of fair pricing, speed of execution, usability, and liquidity. Institutional investors and funds need access to markets with deep liquidity and transparent pricing to execute large blocks of orders without causing problems. The collective need of institutions and individuals has paved the way for cryptocurrency meta exchanges - platforms and brokerage service providers that source and distribute their investors' orders to multiple venues, including exchanges and OTC brokers, to ensure execution at the best price and deepest liquidity. Check out our buyer's guide with real-time rankings to find out which are the best crypto meta exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Marketing Firms

Top 20 Cryptocurrency Marketing Firms

The goal of all crypto projects is simple - to reach their target audience and achieve wide market adoption. To be able to do that they rely on crypto marketing firms. Over the last couple of years, ICO marketing companies have become a necessity. Currently, they are among the most important and sought-after service providers that new projects reach out to. They assist crypto projects with funding, promotion, online presence, brand identity, awareness, and other crucial operations. Our real-time buyer's guide will help you discover the most popular and well-established crypto marketing firms.

Cryptocurrency Prime Brokerage Companies

Top 9 Cryptocurrency Prime Brokerage Companies

The cryptocurrency prime brokerage industry had been an unexplored field for a long time. The lack of solution providers capable of meeting the financing and facilitation needs of institutional investors has slowed the growth of the crypto market. Noticing the gap, several companies started to turn their focus to launching crypto prime brokerage services, thus providing a critical mechanism by which institutions can access digital asset markets. The first service providers were formed as a result of vertical integration moves by companies like Coinbase and Genesis Trading. Crypto prime brokerage companies now provide a set of features that closely resemble the services offered by investment banks to their institutional clients. Check out our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the leading crypto prime brokerage companies.

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